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Life at the North Pole - Throwback Thursday

As you might already know if you follow me, I do a lot of work within the Christmas decoration sector. For those who don't know, these companies DO work all year round not just during the Christmas period. It takes a whole year and longer to pre-plan what will appear in the shops Christmas. By the time you are sitting down to your turkey they will have already be beavering away on the following years selection. Their team of highly experienced creatives will be researching trends, colours and styles before their team of professional buyers, take multiple trips to see manufacturers and suppliers all over the world. So, the next time you buy a bauble or pull a cracker, remember a lot work has gone into bringing that to you....

Here is a sneaky peek of some of the shots that I did end of last year, of the products, that you can expect to see in the shops Christmas 2020.

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