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Planning your New-Born Session

Updated: May 9

Hello! This is my 1st Blog this year and my New Years Resolution is to do more.
Every time we have a New-Born Enquiry we tend to answer the same questions, so we thought we'd put together a quick 'Fact Sheet' that we could send out to expecting parents, that might help them along.

Having a new arrival can be daunting until you all get into a routine, especially if you are new parents. Lack of sleep and worry can take it's toll. Then you realise you only have a two week window to capture early days pictures. How do I book? What do I take? are some of the questions we are asked. We like to plan your Session before you come in, so everything is ready on your arrival. We want you to enjoy your pictures and put them on your gallery wall not hide them in a draw because the Session was rushed and the colour scheme doesn't match your interior.
Bring something sentimental, like your old bear or blanket. Don't worry if you don't have one, we have a load you can use, that are laundered and disinfected after ever client. We have assistants on hand to help organise props and positioning, and even warm a bottle if a feed is needed.

When you know your due date, get yourself pencilled-in with a studio. Photographers will normally allow a week before and after your due date as babies are rarely on time. Getting organised whilst you are still pregnant, will take the pressure off before your baby arrives, and you are thrown into a whirlwind.

I hope this post has got you thinking, and good luck with your New-Born Session Planning.
Helen x

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