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We Finally Photograph Baby Lily

Lockdown has been hard for everyone but as it fades into the distance, It's nice to be able to go about our daily business once again.

With elements of our lives slowly going back to our old routines, we are grateful for the freedom that it brings.

For new Mums and Grandparents it has been absolutely heart breaking that they were unable to capture those first few days by a professional photographer and the only reminders they have are the pictures on their phones.

We were unable to turn back time but Lily was booked in for a Baby Photo Shoot as soon as the restrictions were lifted. Almost sitting and full of the joys of spring with a face like a bright ray of sunshine, we loved every moment of the session and being with her and her family. She was one of the happiest babies we have had the pleasure of capturing.

Whilst they were with me, Grandma announced that Baby Lily is about to have a new baby cousin. Fingers crossed, if everything stays on track with the vaccines and the slow return to normality, we are hoping that we may even get to shoot this little bundle of joy in it's first few days of birth. x

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